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"i haven't drawn anything in 2 months" starter pack

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It's not a political statement to ask you to be considerate of other people

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Why do we always say, "So long, gay Bowser"? Why are we always saying goodbye to him? Why don't we greet him for once? "Long time, no see, gay Bowser." "How are you doing, gay Bowser?"

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im here to celebrate "bad" art without the expectation that the artist will eventually learn and get "good".

fill pages and pages with shitty emo pretentious cringy middle-school level 3-verse poetry and unfinished first chapters of boring stories that make no sense and with wobbly disproportionate ugly embarrassing incomprehensible unoriginal drawings.

grab a magazine and some scissors and glue and make a wrinkly collage without a motif or any rhyme or reason. grab a handful of play-doh and make an amorphous little person or an unrecognizable dog. make a thousand little shapes with your big shaky useless hands.

sit at the piano and play with it. make up an easy little melody and play it over and over again in the high keys and the low keys. listen to your favorite song and try to play it by ear bc you cant read music. manage to learn only a little bit but play it again and again.

sing, sing, SING goddamnit with your grating nasally too loud or too quiet completely off-key voice and DANCE awkwardly hopelesly off-rythm with your stiff clumsy limbs because it brings you a primal sort of joy

let go of rules and expectations and goals and performance and the invisible or visible audience. let art be your eternal playground even in adulthood, when it becomes forbidden.


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I'm a marketing GENIUS

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all i know about the inactivity punishment on this site is it's more than a month and less than a year so i'm just gonna show up once a month until i have a good reason to be active here regularly

a pmd art trade with shima-draws on tumblr!

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cincinno!! one of my fav pokemon 💕💕

this actually started by me trying to be like the Cool Kids™ and draw something pretty on ms paint, but then i realized im way too spoiled by actual drawing programs & redrew it on clip studio.

heres the one i did before this one, funny enough, i actually spent more time drawing the ms paint one dfgdfg

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when will the pokemon company learn that we don't want machines sprinkling pokemon into our everyday life, we want a pokemon mystery dungeon vr game that forcibly drags you into the pokemon world via the vr headset and you aren't allowed to leave.

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posting art from my tumblr

honestly surprised i got this url but i'm,,, so happy

once the app's good and i have a good amount of people to follow expect Activity